Mission, Vision & Objective

We strive towards

  • Creating and sharing new knowledge and insights for business & people management
  • Espousing global quality standards for people practices
  • Promoting people development agenda
  • Providing critical support & solutions to business, government and other stakeholders

By leveraging own Expertise, through Collaborations and by Networking

To be the most valued organization of HR professionals in India and an acclaimed global contributor to HR Excellence

The main objectives of the Institute, as enshrined in its Constitution are :

  • To spread the knowledge on the approach, principles, practices, techniques and methods regarding personnel management, industrial management, industrial relations labour and social welfare and industrial jurisprudence in all their bearings.
  • To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and collection and dissemination of information on management in general ,and personnel management, industrial relations, human resources development and labour and social welfare, in particular.
  • To sponsor, promote, encourage, conduct and contribute to the study and research and impart instructions in any subject touching any or all aspects of personnel management, industrial relations, labour and social welfare, industrial legislation, and industrial jurisprudence, including their social, sociological, political and economic background and context.
  • To promote and safeguard the status and the interests of personnel management, industrial relations and labour welfare at work places and the interests of those engaged therein.
  • To represent the Institute and its interests before Local, State and Central authorities and other organisations, commissions, boards, enquiry bodies, etc., in India and abroad.