Nov 29

MDP on HR Transformation on in CII

The Punjab Chapter of NIPM organized a mesmerizing workshop on 29th November, 2019 at CII, Chandigarh attracting more than 80 HR professionals and faculty from leading Business Schools across Punjab, Himachal, Chandigarh and Noida from leading  Companies and PSUs.

The deliberations dwelt at length various aspects of ‘Transformation’ including Demystifying Employee Engagement, Digitalization of HR and it’s accompanying challenges, Change Management and it’s impact on Business.

Mr. S P Bansal, Chairman of the Chapter in his welcome note exhorted the HR professionals to speed up the transformation of the profession in the context of ever evolving business dynamics, which is the need of the hour .

Mr. Sofi Zahoor, Sr. Director India HR and operations, Quark Software inc., in his key note, addressed various challenges for the HR practitioners, updating their antenna on: ‘the ever  increasing demanding customer, survival of the fittest and fastest since the business dynamics can’t be  taken ‘luxuriously’, speed and agility are the fulcrum of any business entity, look as you leap, issues arising on mergers and acquisitions due to business  volatility, ethics and compliances indispensable, be technology driven, impact of increasing internalization of business, enhancing profitability’ – a sine qua non for surviving in the tough competitive environment, concept of ‘virtual’ and developing leadership in the Organizations.

Continuing his exhortation, Mr. Zahoor advised the audience to scrupulously read the ‘balance sheets’ of their Companies, behave like a ‘thumb’ to support the line functionaries as due to volatility, the business is  becoming  ‘ambiguous’ in the Global scenario and will continue to be so.

Dr. Mukul Chopra, Director HR of Club Factory, Ms Indrani Ghosh, CHRO ,Eli Research India, Mr Varinder Verma , Head COE-TA, Maruti Suzuki, Dr.Jitendra Pratap Singh HRBP Supply-McCormick, Mr. Manish Ganguly  ED , Price Water House,  Mr Sreekumar ,Gallup certified Coach, Mr Narinder Ahluwalia, COO, Cavilence ,Ms Savita Kalwania ,President CSR and Values, Trident Group, Mr Abhishek Gupta From EY, Ms.Richa Jayaswal and Dr. M.M. Singh, Chapter vice President, among other notable speakers, stressed upon ‘Change management’ and Digitalisation of HR through major areas of Artificial Intelligence such as Language processing, smart robots, machine language, Chat Bots for transformation of HR domain and employee Engagement.

Mr A K Bakshi, Hon Secretary proposed a Vote  of Thanks. The EC Team of Punjab Chapter graced the occasion  and collaborated to make the MDP a big success.